It's Business Time!

So we headed over to our local gun shop here in Utah and picked up a beautiful Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. Palm-size, slim-and-trim single-stack 9mm. It is the lightest and smallest 9mm personal-defense auto S&W has yet offered: only six inches long, 4½ inches high, less than an inch thick and weighing just 19 ounces. The Shield is also available chambered in .40 S&W. Same size, same weight, same design. The only difference between the M&P9 Shield and the M&P40 Shield, in fact, is that the magazines for the M&P40 Shield hold one less round than the M&P9 Shield magazines. We don't think you can go wrong with Smith & Wesson, they provide a lifetime service policy.
Rangeday™ has also revamped our business cards with a special offer on back: set it up & take your best shot for a discount/prize on your next purchase. Click on the card in the image (above) to watch our video on "How To" use the #SINGLESHOT business card. Share it with your friends, or shoot it yourself!