Life Of A Shooter's Wife

Rangeday™ Apparel Co. would like to thank everyone for the immense support we have experienced since we launched our website just over half a year ago. We wanted to spotlight one of our dear friends Mia and her blog: Life Of A Shooter's Wife 

Mia was born in Seoul, South Korea; adopted, then raised in Minnesota. So right from the start she's had quite the journey. In 2008 she married a competitive rifle shooter, and thus began sharing her experiences. With over 30,000 followers on Twitter alone, Mia has become quite the political news junkie, photographer, Second Amendment advocate and shooting blogger.

Life Of A Shooter's Wife has product reviews where she has given Rangeday™ Apparel an excellent "A" rating; so head over to her site and check out all the great things she says about our gear. Mia also has an exclusive Rangeday™ discount available on her site for all readers, so don't miss out on that.